1. INE Scheduled Property
    Today we cover how to fill the gaps in your personal property coverage by scheduling items such as jewelry. Hosted by our own Mike Dobrinski 603-270-9221 x707 [email protected]
  2. INE Motorcycle Coverage
    What are some of the coverages and options I should make sure that I have on my Motorcycle policy?
  3. INE Referral Partners
    INE is looking for strategic referral partners! We work best with Realtors, Mortgage Lenders, Automobile & Motorcycle Sales Professionals, RV & Travel Trailer Dealerships & Captive Insurance Agents! If you know someone in these professions, please tag them and let them know we are looking for referral partners.
  4. INE Variable Deductible
    Do you have a variable vs. fixed deductible on your Homeowners policy? Now is the time to check and compare.
  5. INE Replacement Cost Coverage
    Learn about what is factored into the replacement cost on your home. Make sure your agent is completing an evaluation based on your home replacement value, not market value.
  6. Independent Agency Benefits - INE
    Mike Dobrinski discusses why it is always better to have a local agent looking out for your best interests. Going directly through an insurance company limits your options. Call in today to see how we can help you with Auto Insurance, Home Insurance and Life Insurance in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
  7. Flood Insurance - Insure New England
    Flood Insurance can save you when water has ruined your day. Call us to get a quote at 855-264-8669 or [email protected]
  8. INE Life Insurance
    Does my Homeowners Insurance pay off my mortgage if I die?
  9. Do I need Renters Insurance?
    Do I need Renters Insurance and what does it cover?
  10. INE Rental Car Coverage
    Why you need Rental Car Coverage and what it pays for.
  11. INE Pet Insurance with Mike Dobrinski
    What does Pet Insurance Cover and do I need it? Brought to you by Insure New England. www.insurene.net 603-270-9221 [email protected]
  12. 2018 VW Golf R - MK 7.5 - Coding Remote Window Control with Key FOB
    How to code your 2018 VW Mk 7.5 Golf R to roll your windows up and down with your key FOB.