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Calling all Bruins fans and Boston event goers! We have an auto insurance program that combines quality auto insurance with incredible benefits from the Boston Bruins® and TD Garden.

Exclusive fan perks for you

For just $10 per year, customers in the Boston Bruins® and TD Garden Auto Insurance Program enjoy special access to benefits including:

  • Discounted ticket offers to select Bruins games at TD Garden during the season
  • Priority access to TD Garden Concerts
  • Access to discounted tickets to select TD Garden events
  • A 10 % discount at the Boston ProShop at TD Garden
  • Four (4) free passes to The Sports Museum at TD Garden
  • Invitations to skate on the Bruins ice
  • Inclusion in the TD Garden Insider Club

Plus, save money on auto insurance

Customers can enjoy these fan benefits, plus experience the savings, reliability and coverage that comes with being a customer. Additional auto insurance benefits include extra rental car coverage and a free taxi or rideshare trip home from the TD Garden if you ever feel unsafe to drive.

Don’t let another period go by without claiming these awesome Bruins fan benefits for yourself!

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The Boston Bruins® and TD Garden Auto Insurance Program

Offered by Insure New England through Plymouth Rock Insurance